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Women’s Divorce Support Group in Simpsonville

You Never Thought You’d End Up Here.

Suddenly, you find yourself crying out of nowhere when a memory hits you. Or replaying conversations and moments in your head, wondering where you went wrong.

Or maybe you’re relieved it’s finally over, which then leads you to start feeling guilty.

You’re not really sure where to turn for help. Maybe you’ve considered talking to someone at your church, but the stigma of divorce is so palpable that you fear being judged or pressured to “work things out.”

You wonder how your divorce is going to impact your children. You don’t want them to be caught in the middle, but you know they already are in so many ways.

You feel like you’re on this constant emotional rollercoaster and you can’t get off. Sometimes you feel so angry that you scare yourself. Other times, you just feel empty. Some of your divorced friends or coworkers have tried to reassure you that it will get better, but you’re not sure you believe them.

You know that plenty of people have gone through divorce before you, but you still feel so alone.

"Lost In Limbo” Is A Support Group For Women Going Through Separation And Divorce.

Together, we navigate the emotional ups and downs that often come with this scary journey. You’ll also find hope, friendship, and understanding in a small group setting of other women who are also in the trenches with you.

Oh yeah, we have fun too.

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