Stress & Anxiety

Some days you wake up feeling more tired than you did the day before.

It’s like you can never get caught up on your endless to-do list, no matter how many extra hours you try to squeeze into the edges of each day.

Yet that little voice in your head still tells you that it’s not enough.

That you’re not enough.

Your closest friends have told you that you’re too hard on yourself, or that your expectations are too high, or that they “just don’t know how you do it.”

People who don’t know you that well are impressed when they hear how much you’ve got going on, and sometimes, when everything seems to be going well, you’re able to trick yourself into thinking that you can keep hustling.

But then you crash.

The crash looks different for different women. For some, it looks like binge-watching Netflix with a glass (or three) wine at night, zoning out and detaching from the world. For others, it hits in the form of unexplainable headaches, insomnia, and irritability.

If you’ve landed here, odds are you’ve crashed. And you’re ready to figure out:

  1. Why you feel the need to keep going like the Energizer Bunny despite the clear warning signs your body sends you to slow down.
  2.  How to put down a few of these spinning plates without feeling like you would become a huge disappointment to everyone who relies on you (yourself included).

Therapy for anxiety in Simpsonville

Stress & Anxiety

How does it work?

First, you’ll schedule your free, 15-minute phone consultation so that I can answer any questions you may have about counseling. If you decide to move forward, then you can schedule your intake session with me over the phone or online.

Prior to your first appointment, you’ll receive a link to your own customized client portal.

There, you can complete all of your intake paperwork at your leisure from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to arrive early to your first appointment, as I will already have had the chance to review your paperwork and learn about your unique situation.

The intake session is 1.5 hours, and we’ll use our time to make sure we’re the right fit.

We’ll talk a little bit about the challenges that have led you to therapy, as well as the goals that you’d like to achieve. I’ll ask a few questions about what you’ve tried so far, including what things have been helpful and what things have made you feel worse.

I also offer customary care coordination with any other professionals involved in your treatment, whether that’s your primary care physician, OB/GYN, acupuncturist, or anyone else who’s helping you. I like to take a holistic approach so that we can all focus on helping you feel better as soon as possible.

How Often Will I Need To Come?

All of my clients start at a frequency of one session each week, and sessions are 55 minutes long. You may also opt to extend your sessions in 15-minute increments.

How long therapy lasts depends on your goals. Many of my clients choose to come weekly until they begin reaching their goals, at which point we taper sessions down to bi-weekly and then monthly for a short time.

My goal is to help you feel better and get on your way, so therapy does not have to be a long-term commitment. Schedule your free, 15-minute phone consultation and get started today.

Stress & Anxiety

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